Geologic Terms Series

I work as a painter using landscape as a basis for the exploration of abstraction. These paintings employ graphic, symbolic depictions of the underlying physical conditions that create and define the landscape, the structural and climactic forces that influence the movement of earth, sky and water. Just as we derive DNA from our progenitors, we share elemental substance with the landscape. There is a parallel between the forces at work on the terrain that supports us and the forces to which our emotional and physical lives are subject. This series of paintings is based on specific geologic terms that highlight that intense connection.*

"The Moho Discontinuity"
The contact plane between the Earth's crust and mantle, defined by a density shift, difficult to discern and to penetrate.
A break in the Earth's crust caused by tectonic forces; something once
indivisible has now split apart.
"The Angle of Repose"
The maximum angle at which a pile of unconsolidated material can remain stable.
The force that lifts light objects when others cease to hold them down.

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The Angle of Repose 2 Isostasy 4 Terminal Moraine Isostasy 2 Albedo I Fault Isostasy 3 Moho Discontinuity Moho Discontinuity 3