Unnamed Calamity

These are meditations on the end of empire. Fragments of architecture (from photographs I take of New York City’s infrastructure) are projected then drawn onto paper, panel or object, either remaining throughout or eventually erased by turpentine, creating residual layers. As the image is built up the solidity of these structures is undermined, sometimes leaving only suggestions of impact, presence or absence. The paper pieces are very small— each rectangle that contains the image is 1-15/16" x 3-1/8". This size is intended to help render an image of calamity that is all the more intense because it is so minutely concentrated. The panels, each 8" x 10", allow a larger universe to appear. The materials are spare— ballpoint pen drawings and turpentine washes. In the drawings on paper the remnants of stretching and cutting the paper— brown tape, ruled lines, amplify the sense of the shards of a fading society. The objects are discardable, a construction tube, a gift box, a meatloaf pan. These pieces reflect my interest in the poetic possibilities that landscape and abstraction offer, but now, size and material work to confine the action and create a distance evocative of loss.

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