Unnamed Calamity | The Order of Things

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The series of drawings called "Unnamed Calamity" are made as constructions from fragments of architecture (from photographs I take of the surrounding urban landscape) that are projected, then drawn onto the panel, dissected, erased, dissolved by turpentine, redrawn and removed from the original source, creating a new landscape suggesting remnant and artifact and quiet disaster.

Now, as that series of drawings continues, they inhabit diptychs, sharing physical space on panels with a new series named "The Order of Things." The items rendered as part of this new series are objects of love, from a pencil sharpener salvaged from the wall of a family garage to a pair of terracotta bulls that reside at the Metropolitan Museum to the commemoration of the visit of a cardinal to a Brooklyn backyard, the first visit in a dozen years. A tension exists between these lost spaces and found objects, the sensation of impermanence pervades both halves of the panels. The medium, ballpoint pen, coupled with turpentine erasures is seductive in its inky richness but also somewhat harrowing in the promise of its degradation. These small images suggest prints or photos at the same time as the marks declare the hand. We are left with what feels like a record of loss, vanished moments captured in a snapshot.