The Pre-trembling of a house that falls

In my most recent paintings I have been tracing projections from photographs that I take of the infrastructure of New York City. They are pictures of scaffolds, water towers, high rise construction - pieces of a simultaneously ascending and crumbling city which I then re-form as part of a fractured landscape. What is left ranges from a scattering of shards to suggestions of windows, detached from supports, untethered beams, and brush strokes or passages of color that create space or reinforce the chaos of collapse. The projections have allowed the paintings a more specific and personal narrative, as pieces of my immediate environment are incorporated. It becomes a heightened and altered representation of the literal space in which I exist, amplifying the beauty, loss and suspense of a changing place. This series of paintings takes its title from a line in a Galway Kinnell poem "the pre- trembling of a house that falls."

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